Losing connection to the internet while uploading a finished recording in Tobii Pro Sprint can result in the process being interrupted. It doesn't mean the recording is lost! The data is still kept on your browser, make sure to not close it and select one of the options below.

"Retry" will make an attempt to send the data again. If you lost your connection just for a moment and regained it soon after, this option is the most recommended.

If the quality of your connection is too low or you lost access to the network for good, press the "Download" button. You will bring the recording to your own hard drive.

"Cancel upload" will not only cancel the process but also delete the recording you wanted to upload without the possibility to recover it. Keep that in mind when selecting that option.

The upload process might also get stuck or take too long due to the quality of the connection, not interrupting the upload but still interfering with the process. In such case, to prevent excessive waiting time you can download the recording right away to your hard drive using the "Download recording" button while the upload is still taking place. This will not interrupt the upload process, but will give access to the recording right away.

A raw recording file downloaded this way will be in the .webm format. You can open it using Google Chrome. Unfortunately this format does not have access to all the options (such as skipping to a certain part of the video). For more comfortable preview you can convert the file to the .mp4 format using one of the, available for free, online converters.

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