Once you're done with the user test and stop the recording, your video will be uploaded and processed in Tobii Pro Sprint. Even though our servers are super fast, this might be a good time to ask some debriefing questions. It gives the users some breathing space before jumping in to the part where you'll watch the video recording of the test together. Just a few questions on how they felt about the test, or just ask them if they want a refill on their coffee.

You offered them some coffee, right?!

When the video file is recorded it's time to review it. We suggest that you do it together with the test participant. This gives them a good opportunity to discuss and discover usability issues and their thoughts in general.

Your role here is to lead the conversation, but also take notes on what they say. Be prepared that some people are more outspoken than others. Some might actually grab hold of your computer and jump back and forth in the video explaining their thoughts right away.

When replaying, you should also decide if you want to mute the video or not. You might think that audio is always a good idea, but some people are very outspoken during the tests and you'll get the effect where they're "interrupting themselves", when trying to explain something while watching the video.

Then again the audio might contain useful information that you want the test participant to elaborate on. Best is to rehearse both ways, and see what you like best. It could also depend on how much conversation there is going on in the video.

Before sending them off, make sure to give them a proper “Thank you”. Their importance cannot be stressed enough.

They just helped you with creating a better product.

Good luck!

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