To test editorial content, we recommend using Tobii Pro Sprint with the built-in smartphone emulator in Google Chrome. To add to the natural behavior, you can use a computer tablet with a touch screen (such as Microsoft Surface) and have the user interact with your experience.

To test your experience on an actual smartphone, Tobii Pro offers the Tobii Pro Glasses 2, a pair of eye tracking glasses with a built-in scene camera that films the user's interaction (screen and hands) and at the same time adds eye tracking. Tobii Pro Glasses 2 is not compatible with Tobii Pro Sprint. Read more here.

This is how you emulate a smartphone in Google Chrome:

  1. Open a new Tab in Chrome and enter the URL of the web page you want to test.

  2. Right-click on the page and select "Inspect" from the menu. This will open a view with development tools for the web page. You can also use the ctrl/cmd + shift + I shortcut.

  3. Press ctrl/cmd + shift + M to toggle the mobile view. This will let you emulate a set of different mobile devices in your browser window. You will see additional useful options on a bar just above the page view.

  4. Start your session in Tobii Pro Sprint and let the users navigate your mobile page with the computer. The mobile navigation will not be as natural, but you can still get insights from eye tracking the experience.

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