• Create a room
    This allows you to create and name your project. Each room will have a unique URL, which allows you to bookmark it for future usage.
  • Invite Users
    This copies the room URL if you would like to send it to observers. There's no need to invite users if you're facilitating the test on one computer.
  • Calibrate
    Clicking the calibrate button will begin a short calibration and optimize the eye tracker for the test participant. Note: Make sure Tobii Pro Eye Tracker Manager is running in the background!
  • Share Screen
    If you have invited observers to the test, you will be able to share your screen, gaze, audio, and your webcam feed. When "Share Screen" is selected, all observers who were invited will see the participant's screen.
  • Record
    To record the test session, click on the record button.
    ⚠️ Please note
    When you stop a recording, it has to be fully uploaded before you can leave the room (or close the browser window)

Good luck! 

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