Undisturbed environment
If possible, find a quiet room with no distractions to enable the participant to focus on the test. Any stakeholders observing the test should be located in another room to avoid stressing the participant.

Check the technology
Before the participant arrives, make sure that the internet connection is working and the eye tracker is on to ensure a smooth experience for the participant. Also, make sure to clean up the desktop and to turn off any background services and notifications.

Run a trial
The first test participant should be you. This allows you to practice the session setup, test your prototype, and get an understanding as to how long a test might actually be.

Calibrate the eye tracker
Calibrating the eye tracker for every new participant ensures accurate tracking for each session. This is very easily done and only takes a few seconds. Also, it makes a natural opportunity to very shortly explain how the eye tracker works (something that participants might ponder).

It’s not an exam
Some participants might be a bit stressed about “being tested”. Let them know there are no right or wrong answers – you simply want to know how they experience your product or service.

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