Yes! At Tobii Pro we are very careful with our customers’ personal data which are necessary for providing the service to our customers in accordance with the terms of sale. When a customer ends their contract, Tobii will treat the data as per section 6 of the Tobii Privacy Policy. Also, when a recording is deleted by the customer, it is permanently deleted without the possibility to recover. This ability to permanently delete recordings complies with GDPR requirements.

If required, a Data Processor Agreement can also be arranged. Please speak to your account manager for further details.
You can read about Sprint's technical security details here.

Where is the data stored?
The Tobii Pro Sprint service is cloud based and the data saved by the customers is stored on Amazon servers. This enables the data to be processed by the customers, i.e. if they delete a recording it is also deleted from the server. You can also read more about the Amazon Web Services' privacy policy here.

What about privacy for the test participants?
Tobii Pro Sprint’s customers use the application to record participants’ video, audio, gaze and navigation on a screen. It is the customer’s responsibility to make the participant aware of this. Tobii takes privacy very seriously and it is important to understand that data should not be collected without a person knowing and giving consent. Tobii Pro Sprint is not responsible for making the participant aware of this or that the customer treats the recordings under GDPR.

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