Customer experiences are subject to constant change. Nowadays, they happen on mobile devices, tablets, TVs and more, with customers using applications literally everywhere, at any time. This makes insights from controlled user-tests in labs less and less valid.

Consequently, Tobii Pro has developed more capable solutions for user-testing that allow studying user behavior on mobile devices, natural customer experiences in any physical environment and even remote user testing.

Learn more about new opportunities for user testing with eye tracking in this blog article.

Unfortunately, our web-based software Tobii Pro Sprint is not applicable in these new contexts and will therefore be discontinued in 2021.

What this means for customers:

  • Over the next 6 months until 27.02.2021, licenses can be used to their full extent. Licenses that expire during this period cannot be renewed.

  • On 28.02.2021, we will close the recording function, meaning that you will not be able to record any new user-tests.

  • Until 30.04.2021, the platform will only be available for you to download your recordings. Please make sure you have downloaded and saved all your data before this date.

  • From 01.05.2021, you will no longer be able to login and use Tobii Pro Sprint.

Use of screen-based eye tracker: If you have been using Tobii Pro Sprint together with a Tobii Pro Nano, you can continue to use Pro Nano with our alternative software solutions.

To keep disruption of user-testing routines to a minimum, customers will be offered alternative solutions at very attractive discounts. Please contact your local sales representative to discuss which of our solutions for UX-research is best for your needs.

Thank you for using Tobii Pro Sprint. We look forward to having you onboard with our new solutions!

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